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Grilled Chorizo 12

Grilled Halloumi 13 (v)

Patatas with Rosemary Salt 13
Aioli (v) or Bravas (ve)
Loaded with Chorizo and Manchego Cheese 16

Beetroot, goat Fetta Salad 14 

Beetroot, goat fetta, mixed seeds, mixed lettuce

the balsamic glaze and roast walnut (v)

Deep Fried Cauli 15

// With chorizo bits and roasted almond (veo)

Treehouse Fried Chicken Wings 16

with Chipotle aioli

Onion Piajors (PJs)  14

// Burmese onion fritter served
with our house made raita (v, veo)

Burmese Pork Salad 16
Slow cooked, served chilled with onion, cucumber

and Asian dressing



// Toasted bread lightly rubbed with garlic and served with your choice of the following topping (GFO)

// Grilled Eggplant

// Jamon topped with goat fetta and herb drizzle 

// Anchovy with black olive tapenade

* Daily specials listed on our blackboard inside *

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